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Have you already had a “taste” of the top live casinos?

Or are you a beginner, a “newbie” who is completely new to playing live? Wherever you stand, it does not really matter. Why? With our casino online live platform, you are likely to get the hang of it in no time! Spinia is a clear leader, especially when it comes to online casino releases. Do you normally play card or table games? Join other thousands of players worldwide, in their passion for real-time gambling for real money.

Is it baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette, that you are after? You can be sure to find your favorite game, in a nick of time. It takes just a couple of seconds, to locate live dealer games in a real-life casino venue. Thanks to our fruitful collaboration with Evolution Gaming, we bring you a string of live broadcasts, which will allow you to jump into the game straight away. Try it once and you will not be disappointed! This is technically the closest thing to sitting in a real-life casino, which you might know from video games or movies.

You can still enjoy the glitz and glamour, without having to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, all you need is a steady and reliable internet connection. is a fully integrated mobile platform, which will allow you to access the best live online casinos from your hand-held device. Have you got a smartphone or tablet? Whizz through our platform and impressive catalog of online casino releases, without compromising on quality or gameplay experience.

But how is our real live online casino different from other providers, visibly present on the market today? The answer is simple: our unique approach to gambling and top customer service. Right from day one, we put all of the efforts into making our online casino into a friendly, user-oriented platform. We put accessibility on top of our agenda, when we presented the plans to our developers. In the last few years, we “perfected” our offer and made sure you get the best quality for your buck.

There is a whole myriad of options, available to all registered and verified players on We have already mentioned that our premium online casino platform offers live baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette. But there is so much more, once you start your “adventure” with live dealer casino games. Many of our top releases come in different versions. Take roulette, for instance. You can opt for “Auto”, “Double Ball”, “Immersive”, “Lightening” or “Speed roulette”, depending on your personal preferences. Get acquainted with each variant, before you start. Know what you are in for!

Even in its most “purest” version or outlook, roulette is usually divided into three categories: American, European and French roulette. We understand that you might be looking for your regional variant. We cannot blame you: it is what you are used to playing, back home. This another reason why you might come across more than one version of the same game. Have a quick glance at the rules, before you commit to playing! Online live casino games today are extremely versatile: enjoy the variety, they offer right now.

Remember, some of the most popular online live casino games are hosted on multiple channels. This especially applies to well-established classics, which have gathered a mass following in the last few years. Take blackjack, for example. If you head to, you might see “Classic blackjack” one, two and three. This is without forgetting the real star of the show: our live “VIP diamond blackjack”, which is really exceptional, by all measures or standards. Have you got that high roller “vein” in you?

Many real live casino games are based on an original concept. They might have also taken select features, from well-known online casino releases. In some cases, they have adapted them to an entirely new scenario. You will definitely recognize that colorful wheel of fortune in our award-winning live game, “Dream Catcher”. If you are a die-hard fan of board games, we recommend you try out “Monopoly Live”. The only difference here is that you are actually playing for real money!

By reading the previous section, you might have already gathered that has been designed with the user in mind.

Many of our features were tried and tested by the members of the online gambling community, just before we released them to the general public online. The search and page layout are just some of the options, which were “trialed” before the general release. In this section, we will tell you how to find the live online casino real money games, with minimum effort or fuss. Remember, is here for you, dear player!

Do you know which type of casino live games online you are looking for? You can simply enter the name of a specific game into the open text field, which will show up on the page. It will appear as a blank text bar, roughly half-way on the page. The text field is immediately below the different symbols, which represent each and every category of online casino games. Do you know what they are?

Our live casino online real money platform is split into blackjack (a deck of cards), roulette (a spinning wheel), baccarat (a hand of four cards) and poker (a poker or casino chip). Any games, which do not fit into these divisions, are automatically classified as “other”. Are you still facing trouble in finding your favorite live game? As the last resource, you can use the filter option, which is represented by a funnel symbol. It is located on the right-hand side.

If you decide to use the filter option, you can see all of the providers, which currently supply our platform with real live casino games. Who are they exactly? Right now, the list includes Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, as well as the latest addition, Pragmatic Play Live! If you narrow down the list of providers, you are more likely to find the exact game, which you are looking for.

We understand why you might be confused, especially if you see a whole range of different blackjack, poker or roulette live options. We have already explained why there are so many variants of the same game. But there is no reason to feel overwhelmed! We launched a new system of marking or labeling each new release, which will help you to tell them apart. It will guide you to the best live casino games, found on the market today.

We have already told you how to search or filter your results. But there is another handy way of spotting particular live casino games online. You see, here at Spinia we like to make things simple. We understand that there is no point in making you go in circles. See what games you can play with minimal disruption or interference. Any new or popular game is marked with either minty-green, turquoise or orange circle. Turquoise stands for “new”, whereas orange is “hot”.

This way, you can easily spot the newest live online casino releases! Take it as a rule of thumb: any game, marked by one of these circles is worth your time. At Spinia, we like to bring you the most appealing live casino online real money games, which you can find on the entire world wide web! We aspire to become the best global online casino platform, which is why we are expanding our catalog or portfolio on a daily basis.

On that note, it is worth logging in into your user account, every now and then. This way, you will not miss out on any new releases or live casino promotions. At Spinia, we like to surprise our loyal players: see what is “hot” right now! The truth is that our catalog is only getting bigger, with new fresh live casino games, available for every registered and verified player. You will not be disappointed by what we have prepared for you.

If you read this far, you should know that is not like any other live online casino. We are a top livecasino, which has sent “waves” across the entire industry, ever since we started our operations in 2018. We have actively listened to the online gaming community, in bringing you the most user-friendly live casino options on the market. This would not be possible without the expertise and knowledge of our trusted partners, which include Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live.

Together with Authentic Gaming and Betsoft, they are some of the world’s leading providers of online casino games, which rely on live broadcasts. In the last few years, they have succeeded in changing the public’s perception and their general expectations towards casino games. They have added new layers to existing, classic releases and made them more “appealing” to the players online. How? By constantly improving the overall quality of the broadcast and adding new features to live dealer games.

Did you know that you can now play Monopoly as a live casino online real money game? Roll the dice and enjoy the real thing, which you might know from your childhood. The game comes with an official license from the makers of the board game. You will surely recognize the iconic Monopoly game pieces and the square board! Start building your real estate empire from scratch. The only difference is that you are playing for real money, live with players from around the world. How is that not exciting?

This is a prime example of how innovation enriches gambling, making it relevant for a wider audience online. When you play live casino for real money, it is not just about the big win. It is about top quality social entertainment, which comes with it. How to make the most out of the live online casino games, found on our platform? First, select a feature, which appeals or speaks to you, personally. Give it a go! You will not regret it: all of our top online casino games live are tried and tested by our users.

If you are ever stuck for choice, remember that you can always scroll down and load more games. Alternatively, you can filter your options and search by category, genre or provider, the developer studio, which you know and value. Finding your favorite game is really not that difficult: it is probably one of the easiest tasks, which you will come across on, the best live dealer casino online!

We obviously cannot speak for your own personal preferences. But there is definitely something special about the best online live casino games. First of all, it is their “social” element. You can join other players, in real-time. They are just as passionate or excited about the prospect of playing for real money live! Just join any available game and you will see what we mean. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can even connect through your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. The experience is seamless: just make sure you have a reliable source of internet.

When you play casino live online, you really do not need to move anywhere. Have you got a comfortable spot, somewhere you live? You can connect from your armchair or sofa, no one will judge you. We already said that the online casino is about accessibility and reaching out to a wider audience online. In the past, physical venues had a strict admissions policy: let’s put it this way, you had to “look” in a certain way. Many casinos enforced their own dress codes: tuxedo for gents and evening gowns for ladies. You had to abide by strict rules, in order to play.

We understand that some of this has a certain “appeal”. Charm or magic, you like. It gives you an illusion of exclusivity and a high society lifestyle. But in reality, it has put a lot of people off from playing in a real-life casino. When you play live casino games, all of these restrictions disappear into thin air. They are simply irrelevant: you can play when you want, wherever you want. This is really every gambler’s dream. Now, that many of the technological barriers are gone, you can enjoy a live broadcast game, from anywhere in the world. This is really our pledge. The pledge, which is also shared by our trusted partners.

New live casino games bring the whole thing alive: watch the croupier, count the chips right in front of you. Listen to the dealer, as they shuffle the deck. You really get a full social and all-round sensorial experience, from choosing to play one of our releases, available through Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live. There is nothing quite like it. We really mean it, when we say that this is the closest thing to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, which you might find in a place like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macao.

When you sign up to, you agree to a certain set of terms and conditions.

They are virtually the guidelines, which lay down the rules for our top online casino platform. We recommend you flick through them, in order to have a better idea of what you might expect from live casino slot games and other releases, which are brought to you by our third party partners. You will see that some of our partners, such as Evolution Gaming have their own regulations, which we all need to respect.

Why are we telling you this? There are a few good reasons, as to why you should turn to terms and conditions. Especially before you start playing for real money, on one of our live slots, card or table games! We cannot possibly go through the entire list here. But we did put all the effort to make them accessible, using plain English to get our point across. The first thing you should know is that we have a zero tolerance policy on under-aged gambling. If you lie about your age, you will be automatically barred from the platform.

When we joined the ranks best live casinos, operating online we took a number of practical steps to ensure your maximum safety. This is why the verification process might involve uploading a piece of photographic evidence, to prove your age and identity. What could it be? Usually, your state-issued, national ID or passport is enough. If the security team has any further questions, they will contact you directly. If you disclose the right information, you essentially have nothing to to worry about!

Another key point is that you cannot freely play live casino online, in some parts of the world. Why? Again, there are many reasons for this. In some cases, this boils down to third party content and copyright issues. But this is not the main reason why Spinia is not allowed in certain states or territories. Some countries have an uneasy relationship with gambling, to put it gently. Indeed, some states ban online gambling altogether, which effectively blocks our activities. Check your country of residence, before you start playing online casino games live.

If you are in doubt, we published a list of countries, which restrict our activities online. This is exactly the sort of information, which you might expect to find under our terms and conditions. What is more our “T&Cs” will guide through some problem scenarios, which might come up when you gamble online. You will see what kind of help or support, you are eligible for straight away. The secret to the best live casino online?

Accessibility, transparency and a user-oriented approach, across the entire “spectrum” of our activities.

First of all, you should know that Spinia, the best live dealer online casino is a fully licensed and regulated platform. We proudly carry that “stamp” of quality, issued by the MGA, one of the leading regulators of online casinos worldwide.

Our operations are overseen by the Malta Gambing Authority, the Maltese national regulatory body. The MGA, as it is known under its official acronym, is an industry expert, when it comes to online casinos. Why? Let’s say that Malta is “home” to many new live casinos, as well as developer studios. It provides a fully regulated, safe operating environment for online gambling, with a range of measures that encourage creativity, innovation and security online.

Our services are fully compliant with Maltese legislation, as well as the European Union guidelines on online gambling. We would never want to compromise your safety and security for fast profit. Which is why we have decided to take all the steps to make sure that any real live casino slots or card games comply with the strictest legal standards. If you ever run into any trouble, you can always quote our license number, which is found on the footer of our website. You can easily trace it back to the register, run by the Malta Gambling Authority.

We have been registered with the MGA since 2018, when we were first granted an online casino gambling license. We have not registered any serious incidents since then, successfully running our operations well into the second decade of the 21st century. If you are worried that live slot machines or any other online releases have an adverse effect on your well-being, just contact our customer service team. We firmly believe in responsible gambling: this is why we have joined various initiatives, like Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare or Gambling Therapy.

We are an online casino platform, which cares for its players: you are our prime motivation, gives us that push, each and every morning!

In the previous section, we went through some crucial points, which point to why Spinia, our online casino platform is not “impartial” to binding legislation. We really abide by the strictest rules, especially when it comes to safety and security online.

We understand that you might be worried about playing live slots real money. Or any other game, from our vast catalogue of online casino releases. The truth is that there are many online scams, which might put your real-life or virtual identity at risk. No one wants their banking details leaked or taken “hostage”, as part of a larger data harvesting operation. We want you to play in total peace, knowing that you are safe on our platform. We worked together with some of the brightest minds in the IT industry, in order to boost our security protocol.

We would not want you to become a victim of any security breaches. We know that you are here for real live casino games and premium entertainment. We would not want anyone or anything to detract you from this thought. The quality of our live casino games is certainly among the best on the market! Have you tried playing live baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette? Try it once and you will not regret it. There is another side to working with top developers, like Evolution Gaming: their software is rock solid, when it comes to security features.

Another key factor is anonymity: there are many reasons, as to why you might want to keep a “low profile” online. We will not dwell much on the details, but you can be sure that your personal data is safe and sound. We will not share it with anyone else, outside Spinia. Unless, it is a question of criminal liability and we are directly contacted by the authorities. But by all standards, this is a very rare exception. We will not do anything without your consent, especially if it affects your user account or any of its records.

The online casino dealer will only get to know your alias or username. The rest is absolutely confidential.

Safety and security are paramount to any new live casino. No one wants to put on a bet, without being certain that they will get their money.

Our casino platform, is no different in this respect. This is what really guided our decisions, when selecting the payment methods for our real live casino games. Right from the start, we knew that the community expects top-notch, secure payment options. We hope that we managed to deliver what you have asked us for! All of our payment methods are fully synced with the rest of our online casino platform. They all come through the same user account.

We had to look into some of the most popular ways of settling transactions, already available in the best live online casinos. This is why we started negotiating with the “big guys” right away: today, Spinia is a recognized merchant by all of the major credit card issuers, such as VISA, MasterCard or Maestro. Let’s face it: despite all the innovation, most of the online transactions still go through the banking system. The only difference is that it is “facilitated” by digital payments and new technology.

Are you interested in more confidential, safer ways of settling your transactions online? In that case, we can recommend you one of our “suggested” e-wallets. What are their advantages? They are just as secure as any payments that go through your card. This is a great way of “dividing” your money streams: you can separate your funds, when you play live casino games. If you choose to pay with an e-wallet, Spinia will not appear on your bank account. Rather, it will go through as an authorized transaction, linked to your e-wallet.

Sounds easy? Because it is. You just need to select your provider. You will find some of the leading names, associated with e-wallets today. For example? Skrill or Neteller. Set up your e-wallet today and cut through the red tape. In most cases, the restrictions which come from any payments made in live dealer casino games are more relaxed. To be absolutely sure, we invite you to scroll through our terms and conditions. Find the most “favorable” way of playing online casino games live now!

Remember, here at, we are here to make things a little easier for you. We are always ready to give you a hand, if you need it.

Our online casino bonus package has been the subject of many speculations.

When it came out, it was anticipated by the entire online gambling community. Luckily, you do not have to wait. It is here for you already, ready for you to enjoy. Sign up and it will get you started, right away! What should you know about the best live casino bonus? We will now go through the basics or “bare bones” of what it entails. What can you expect from our premium live online casino platform?

Broadly-speaking, the live dealer casino bonus comes into three parts. The first is the top up, which will result from you putting in money into your user account. Once you have a verified account, you can make your first real money deposit. If you decide to place up to 100 EUR (€) or USD ($) on your user account, Spinia will reward you with a 100% bonus! In other words, you will see your deposit double to 200 EUR (€) or USD ($). The amount will “grow” automatically: there is no need to make any extra steps, to activate the welcome bonus.

And things do not stop there! As a premium online casino platform, we are known to be “especially” generous: we will also give you a little more, with your second deposit. The procedure is exactly the same. Put up to 150 EUR (€) or USD ($) on your user account and we will reward you with 50%. What is more, you will be eligible for 50 free spins on selected live slot machines. Check what games are on offer, right now. You might be in for a big win, just put a spin on it.

Have you already selected your currency? You will see that our platform is peppered with EUR (€) and USD ($) signs, but we also accept other national currencies. What else can you pay with? Canadian and New Zealand dollars, Norwegian krone and zloty, the national currency of Poland. The list is constantly growing, as we enter new markets! Remember, check the terms and conditions for all the details. You will get your answer, straight away.

Get your live dealer casino bonus in the currency you prefer, without having to pay for conversion!

You will see that Spinia is virtually packed with different cash incentives, promotions and rewards.

The live casino welcome bonus is just the start: it is your chance to jump on the Spinia bandwagon, which will allow you to venture into new, uncharted territories. Use it to test the newest online casino games live! This is your chance to get out of your comfort zone: start playing with other players, in real-time. The top up we give you with your first and second deposit is just a “taste” of what is to come.

Wait, until you hear about our VIP loyalty program. With your permission, we will run through some of the hottest cash incentives, available for live online casino players right now. Our live casino promotions really set us apart from all the fierce competition, active on the market today. How? With Spinia, you know that you are getting the best deal, straight away. We will set you up with juicy rewards, which will allow you to go that extra mile. Play for longer, thanks to Spinia’s incredible promotions.

Do you need an example? Let’s take our VIP loyalty program: you join our exclusive club automatically, without having to dish out a single nickel. Right from the moment, when you sign up on our premium real live online casino platform! With our award-winning VIP program, you are eligible for sizable cash prizes and rewards. The concept is fairly simple: you just need to “advance” through different levels, collecting VIP points and cash incentives. The more you play, the more you earn. Quite simple, right?

How much can you expect from Spinia, once you get to the top? A whopping 50,000 EUR (€), which will surely place your name in our “hall of fame”. But this is hardly everything: you will be able to accrue thousands of euros or dollars on the way. The follow up prizes are: 10,000, 3,000 and 1,000 EUR (€), respectively. Which is even more in American dollars, once you work out the conversion rates. But our platform is home to many other promotions, which come with jaw-dropping cash prizes. Are you interested in live casino slots online?

Right now, the Spinia jackpot is on steady course 4,000,000 EUR (€). That is almost four million euros, in cash! Do you know what you would do, with this kind of money?

Let’s put it this way: top quality service is one of the cornerstones of Spinia’s operations. It is really worthy of the best live casino online, which aspires to be a global leader. This is the ambitious goal, which we put in front of ourselves.

If you contact one of our customer support representatives, you will not be disillusioned by the service. We have put all the effort in making sure that they receive thorough training, before they start their job. The industry in which we operate is tough. We know that we simply cannot afford a substandard service, which will leave a negative mark on our brand. Spinia might be a relatively new live casino but it has already built up a considerable reputation. Not in one country but in all corners of the world!

We would never want to put our good name at risk. Which is why we put all the effort into making sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of the service, which you will receive from our dedicated customer support team. In order to live up to our name, as one of the top live casinos we cut any waiting time to minimum. Get in touch with a member of staff through the contact page and you will receive an answer, straight away. In this day and age, no provider can “shield” themselves by giving endless excuses.

Our approach is different: we confront the problem. As far as our best live dealer online casino is concerned, we took all the steps to make your experience as seamless as possible. The easiest way to get your message across is to complete the contact form. Just scroll right down, to the footer of the page. You will see the heading “support” in large bold letters, among other options. Click on the link and just fill out the relevant fields. You will be contacted in no time, regardless of the issue that you are facing right now.

If you have already created a user account, someone might reach out to you directly via live chat, which is currently in “beta”. One last thing: we remain committed to the idea of constantly improving our service. Which is why we are always adding new features to our platform, in the name of a better user experience.

Did you know that our online casino platform for live games is fully compatible with mobile devices?

This might be news to some of you: this is a recent piece of innovation, which we introduced across the board. In other words, you should not worry about accessing Spina, the best live dealer casino from your tablet or smartphone. The quality is exactly the same. As is the overall player experience! Just remember to connect to a stable WIFI connection or 4G, if you are using your mobile provider’s data package. This is everything that you need to know: you are off to a flying start.

The quality of live broadcasts is astounding: you are really in for a premium experience, which you will not find anywhere else. The fact that your screen might be significantly smaller should not be a problem. Why? Our trusted partners, such as Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live made sure that you will get the high definition image, regardless of the devices you are using right now. Play live casino online, wherever you are! This is our pledge, which is inseparable from our mobile live casino online.

To get the most out of the experience, just remember to turn up the brightness and volume. You certainly do not want to miss a thing, when you play online live casino games! If you are having any trouble adjusting your device, you can always contact our dedicated customer support team. One of our advisors will be with you, right away. Just browse through the section right above, to see how to get in touch with our representatives.

We already mentioned that you will not regret playing live dealer casino games on our platform, The same holds true for the mobile version of our site: we successfully managed to integrate all of our existing features into a smaller screen. Try it out for yourself, just to make up your mind now.

In the previous sections, we run through some practical advice, related to our casino live games online. By now, you learned about the key functionalities of what can you expect and how we stand out from the crowd, as an online casino platform.

There is nothing better than to test the game for yourself: are you a baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette player? We have all of the following games and much more, in a live casino format. Thanks to our collaboration with top live online casino game providers, we are able to bring you to an entirely different world. A world of casino glamour, which will take your breath away. No matter if you are after live slots online or any other casino game, you will not be disappointed. This is our guarantee.

Quite a bold statement to make, you might say. But we mean it, in its entirety. What keeps you waiting? Skim read the terms and conditions, before you start playing. Remember, there might be some restrictions, which apply to your country of residence. Now, choose the right mode of payment and your currency. Once you make your first deposit, you will be eligible for the best live casino bonus, available online today. But this is just the beginning: our platform is brimming with different cash incentives, promotions and rewards.

Once you become a verified player, you will join our exclusive VIP loyalty program. What is the top prize again? 50,000 EUR (€). If we ignore the jackpot for the moment, this is the pinnacle of all cash prizes on more you wager, the higher you move up. Eventually moving closer to some of the best live casino promotions on the web today. Did we manage to tempt you? There is a lot at stake, when you choose to play our live online casino games.

With providers, like BetSoft, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live you are certainly in the best company!

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