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Spinia.com is our premium online casino platform, which is focused on giving you the best possible player experience. Create a user account on its platform now and see what we mean exactly!

You could argue that its mission is fairly simple. But our platform went to real lengths to ensure maximum satisfaction, gaining wide praise from the online gaming community. How? We will run through the key points, further down below.

First of all, Spinia.com will tempt you with an incredible range of the best new casino games, available on the market today. It has teamed up with some of the leading developer studios worldwide, just to give you an exclusive taste of the hottest online casino releases. Across the board! Are you into an old-fashioned player, who likes to play live card or table games? Would you like to take a quick spin on the roulette table?

Not a problem, not in the slightest! Choose one of the many options, available for registered players on Spinia.com. Expect many of its classic games to come in different shapes and sizes! What are we referring to? You will see numerous “variants” of the same game. Do you usually play French roulette with a high roller option?

Play around with the settings and find a game, which matches your exact expectations. This is the best thing about new casino games: they incorporate many new features, which add an extra element of excitement or thrill!

We mentioned the classic games, which you might expect from any online casino. But there is just so much more! In fact, we cannot give it justice, in the space we have here. You will need to head to Spinia.com to find out for yourself. Last piece of advice: remember, check out the newest casino slot games!

With their captivating interactive video content, they will keep you playing for hours.

We understand why you might want to get down to the details! After months of keeping the world of online gambling in suspense, we have published an extensive list of new online releases, awaiting players this year.

What are some of the big names or titles, which appear on Spinia.com? Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for quite a ride! Buffalo King, Book of Atem, Kong’s Temple, Jewel Scarabs, Montezuma Megaways, Temple Stacks, Skulls Up, Serengeti Kings and Wheel of Wishes are coming to town, to give you an entirely new online casino experience. Try some of these new slot casino games right now.

The truth is that newest casino slot games are at the forefront of innovation. They are the drive behind change, which is transforming online casino platforms across the globe.

Players are expecting more and more from their providers. And in our opinion, they are entirely right to demand more. This is why we have reached out to the top developer studios, like NetEnt or BetSoft with concrete plans for future collaboration.

But new casino slots are not the only reason why you should head to Spinia.com right now!

As we mentioned in the previous answer, our platform offers a rich selection of card and table games, as well as live dealer options. Thanks to the incredibly vast back catalog of online casino releases, we can guarantee that everyone will find something to their taste on Spinia.com!

Here is an important point. We are not just name-dropping, in an attempt to get you interested to play online. Whatever you choose to do after reading this set of questions, is entirely up to you. After all, you decide how you want to spend your money online or offline. We are just breaking the news, for you to make an informed decision.

We want you to have a premium player experience, especially when playing the newest slot games online. Ask yourself: why settle for second best?

While it might seem like a minute technical question, this point touches on a fairly important issue. Whenever you play online, you should really pay attention to the provider or developer studio, behind each and every release. Why?

You never want to compromise your safety or security online.

Safety first: this should be the first thing on your mind! Remember, any software is liable for hacking or outside interference, especially if it is widely open to users on the world wide web. For this reason, you should only play with reputable new slots providers. If you are ever in doubt, go and visit their website. Check if their products or services have the necessary certification, from authorized industry bodies or regulators.

You would not want to experience any negative interference, especially when you play new casino slots. Keep your funds and virtual identity secure at all times. Luckily, we have done the homework for you. We have stringent security checks and we work only with the best of the best. We already mentioned iBetSoft and NetEnt, briefly in passing. Who are the rest, if we are already talking about developer studios? Endorphina, Pragmatic Play, NextGen and Evolution Gaming are just a few others.

You are in fine company, when you choose to play with Spinia.com.

You can explore the entire list on Spinia’s landing page. Once you enter our platform, scroll down far below. You will see a light blue banner, filled with different logos. Those are Spinia’s award-winning partners, which regularly contribute to our platform with fresh releases. Check out their new real money slots by clicking on one of the logos.

By selecting one of the logos, you will see the entire offer from the provider or developer studio, hosted on Spinia.com. It is a handy way of navigating through the website! You will be able to narrow down the list of the newest casino slots, which actually appeal to you. Trust your luck.

Put a spin on it now, see where it all takes you!

This is definitely one of the best things about Spinia.com. Our platform caters for every sort of player out there, looking for an adventure online.

We already told you why Spinia.com is a top choice. First, there is the wide range of new online slot games, available to every registered player. Just remember to get your account verified, before you start with real money. Otherwise, you are ready to go! Why not take advantage of everything that our platform has got to offer? You will see, there is a game for every type and level of ability. Are you still sceptical?

Well, let us tell you a secret. Just like their real-life casino “cousins”, new online slot machine games do not require any special talent or skill. Does it sound outrageous? At the end of the day, you are battling against the odds. They are either in your favor. Or they are not! It is all up to your luck. This is why you should learn to listen to your instincts. Get that lucky moment and run with it.

But this does not make the game any less entertaining! Quite on the contrary. Watch those reels spin, right in front of you. We are not afraid to say that it is a wholly immersive experience, which will appeal to your senses. Why? Just factor in the state-of-the-art video features, three-dimensional graphics and an original soundtrack. This is just one success recipe for new casino slot games, which have taken online casinos by storm.

Of course, many of the advanced or more sophisticated new online casino slots operate slightly differently.

Especially if they come with additional bonus game or video features. Here you have the option to manipulate the gameplay in your favor, especially if you are familiar with the game itself. Arguably, you can give yourself a head start, in choosing the right options. Options, which make you feel more comfortable or allow you to leverage your skills. You will see that the newest online casino games are relatively easy and accessible, from a user point of view.

But in essence, every online casino slot game works in the same way. Again, why? Because when it comes to new real money slots, it is just the odds and you, my friend. The appeal of slot games is pretty simple. It is likely to seduce a new player, with no experience whatsoever. As well as a veteran player, who spent most of their free time, sipping champagne in a real-life casino.

What is more, the advanced video features often come with tutorials. The gameplay goes more into depth, allowing you to become familiar with the plot. In fact, video slots are relatively accessible to new players, thanks to all of these interactive features. They give you more opportunities to explore different options. The video content will literally walk you through the new slots game, as if you have never played an online game before.

Yes, even real moghuls opt to play new online real money casino slots!

We like to give a little extra to everyone, who likes to play casino games online. Over time, it has turned into a forum for all the players out there, regardless of what they might be like in real life.

It is our own way of showing appreciation or gratitude, for all the support we got in all of these years. In less than half a decade, Spinia has managed to build an impressive fan base. Largely because we have invested so much into new slot machines. But it is not just about novelty value! The truth is that we have always listened to the community, taking all feedback extremely seriously.

With time, it has expanded its range of promotions, pumping up the value.

What is the average, you can win its weekly challenges or tournaments? You can easily take five-digit cash rewards home, only if you try! At the time of writing, the weekly winner can claim as much as 14,000 EUR (€) in real cash money. Plus you can also bet on the newest slots jackpot! Here the rewards go into millions. Call yourself a king and live the royal lifestyle, thanks to the generous rewards, you might be eligible for as a registered player.

The good news is that you are able to enter the draw and play the new online slots. At least, in most cases. You might want to check the terms and conditions first, but most of Spinia’s tournaments revolve around its new slots.

They are not just a form of saying thank you, to everyone who decides to stick with our platform. The challenges, promotions and tournaments are a great incentive, which often “introduces” the newest slots to the wider public. With prizes like that, you will find it hard to refuse to put one simple spin. You will be hooked straight away!

And that is hardly it. We missed the real “golden nugget”: the welcome bonus package, for any new players. You just have to get a verified account! Is it your first time on Spinia.com? Wait no longer and get a taste of the best promotion, seen on the market today.

Is your first time on Spinia.com? Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed? There is no reason to despair. Have you heard about the welcome gift from Spinia, especially “prepared” for newly registered users?

In the previous section, we talked about our cash rewards. It is hard to cover everything in one breath. We left out one important detail: the welcome bonus package. Play new casino slots, thanks to the extra funds from Spinia.com. You heard it correctly! Our platform will “top up” your first and second deposit, up to 250 EUR (€) or USD ($). The currency is just a minor detail.

The exact details might change with time, but this is what you qualify for. The last time we checked!

At what rate, we hear you ask. Well, the first deposit, which you make on our platform will see a stunning 100% increase in value. The second will go up by 50%. Which is pretty generous, especially if you compare what the competition has got to offer! The funds will open the gate to Spinia.com. Let yourself go, try the newest casino slots, without a hint of doubt or hesitation.

After all, this money is here to get you started! Be adventurous and venture into uncharted waters. You are welcome to go for something entirely different: do new online slots appeal to you? Well, now is the perfect moment to find out. Put a spin on them! See what kind of combinations you are capable of. Is it your lucky day?

Spinia.com will almost certainly surprise you. In a positive way. What are we getting at? The extra money, which will land on your user account is not everything. Not yet. So, apart from the generous top up, you are also eligible for 50 free spins. This is like taking a spin on the new free slot machine games: try them out now, to see what we are talking about. Any wins you make from this round will be automatically transferred to your user account.

Sounds good enough to you? Head to Spinia.com and sign up now. Making an account will take no more than 5-10 minutes.

There is certainly no shame in asking.

We would see why you would like to take something out for a “test drive”. To answer your question, yes: Spinia.com allows you to try their new slots free of charge, without having to put an actual stake. Obviously, you will not be able to claim the win. But with this option, you are allowed to explore and try the full extent of each game. The free trial mode is no different to the usual gameplay, which involves real money.

It is a great way of becoming “acquainted” with new releases. Newest free slots are available for you, 24/7. There are no blanket restrictions, but remember, the free play function might be slightly different, from game to game. Why? Remember, we have already mentioned that we work with many developer studios and providers of premium online casino games. It is unlikely that they will share the same approach. You will probably not notice a difference, not straight away.

Now, we invite you to do a little exercise. Type “new free online casino slots games” into a search engine and you will probably get Spinia.com in your top results. Over time, Spinia has become the ultimate choice for anyone looking for online slot releases! Our games are really top of the range. Many due to the large number of collaborations, we listed in the previous section. But that is just part of our story.

Our platform is unique in many different ways. The fact that Spinia allows you to take a ride and enjoy new free casino slot games shows the trust in each and every individual player. This really makes our platform one-of-a-kind, in an industry which is crowded by competition.

We could say more. But if you are used to playing in different online casinos, you will see the difference straight away. Spinia.com is a platform that cares!

Because gambling is heavily regulated in many parts of the world, we always say the same thing. Check the terms and conditions first, in order to avoid disappointment!

This is a useful piece of advice. Why? It will prevent you from losing your enthusiasm.

Developing a passion for online casino games is what will keep you going. You will not want to face disillusion, right at the beginning of your journey. Let’s face it: not being able to access certain features is a real bummer. Even if we are talking about new free slots games, which do not come with any monetary rewards.

Let’s make one thing clear: these limitations do not stem from Spinia.com.

Our platform has always strived for accessibility and catering for each and every type of online casino players. It welcomes everyone with open arms, no matter what is their profile. Online gambling does not discriminate. But because of certain local and national legislation, Spinia cannot offer its full range of services in each and every country. We are sorry that you are not able to play new free slots online.

We can clearly see why you feel disappointed.

And this goes to everyone out there, reading this set of frequently asked questions. The restrictions put on Spinia.com’s operations are not only just based on your country of residence. Remember, there are other limits, too. One of them is age. Are you 18 or over? In order to go through the verification process, you will need to prove that you have attained legal age to gamble.

Otherwise, you will be stopped from playing new casino slots online, with immediate effect. Spinia.com has a no tolerance policy, when it comes to under-aged gambling.

We have already “scratched the surface” of it in our previous post. But we will go through the entire set of measures, adopted by Spinia.com to ensure your wellbeing online. We do think it is very important.

Especially when we are talking about new online casino games. Let’s be frank and honest about it: online casino gaming is addictive. It gives you a thrill, right from the moment in which you put on that bet. We cannot help it and in fact, this is part of its appeal or magic. Whatever you choose to call it. The truth is that it is extremely easy to get sucked into the game.

We know that humans have been involved in gambling activities for hundreds of years, if not entire millenia. We have found archaeological evidence and traces of it in all ancient cultures: China, Egypt and Persia, modern-day Iran.

But we digress from our point: it is perfectly fine to acknowledge that you have a problem. This is when you know that the fun has stopped. When your search for new slots has turned into a compulsion, resulting in a string of unhealthy spending habits, then it is time to seek help and support. Luckily, we actively collaborate with different grassroot initiatives, aimed at promoting responsible gambling in the industry.

What are some of the names you can trust or rely on?

Spinia will gladly give you a helping hand and refer you to external support, which might include mentoring and therapy. They are closely working with Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare and Gambling Therapy, three partners, which are based in the United Kingdom. But you should not worry about it: most of them offer additional services online, in many languages, other than English.

If you need a referral, just reach out to one of the customer service representatives, available on our platform. They are not just here to point you to the new online slot machines. Thanks to Spinia’s thorough customer training, they are a great source of assistance, information and support.

Most importantly, they will come to your aid, 24/7.

Again, it is bold and brave to step out and acknowledge that certain behavior might put you at risk. We applaud you for your honesty. In any case, Spinia.com gives you many options, which will effectively prevent you from crossing the line.

First of all, you can switch off the real money option. You can choose not to put a bet, with the funds you accrued on your user account. This means that you are still able to play new free online slots, with minimal restrictions. Without the money element, you are not putting your finances at risk. You will still get to enjoy all the other premium features, you might expect from Spinia’s online casino games.

When that is not enough, you can resort to concrete limits.

What do we mean by that? Well, we give you the choice to impose a personal limit. It might be tagged to your spendings: any deposit or losses that you make, during your time online. What is more, you can put a time limit on yourself. This will mean that you will not spend hours and hours playing online. It will automatically apply to any games your play on our platform, including new online slots.

Does it sound reasonable to you? All of these steps are fairly easy to implement, once you have a registered account on our platform. They are a simple but effective way of ensuring that you are not putting yourself in danger. But most importantly, they are not imposed on you, top-down. In fact, they are putting you in control of your decisions.

You decide where to draw the limit, where to put the line. If you feel like you cannot handle it, just put a spin on the new free casino games, readily available on Spinia.com.

Again, we really tried to keep things really easy. In stripping the old layout, we made sure that you are able to find your way, without unnecessary conundrum. Put it this way, it is not hiding, behind a corner. Whatever your issue, we will give you all of our support, in the hardest of times!

Spinia is a reliable new online slots platform, which you can trust. Right from day one, the moment when you make a verified account. We understand that you might need to talk to someone, a physical person on the other side. What you should do is look for the support section on Spinia.com. If you ever get lost, then just scroll far down.

You should find a bar, with a range of different headings or options. It will take you to the right place! When you play new real money slots, you literally hand over all your personal details to our platform. You want to make sure that it is an entirely safe and secure thing to do! If you have any doubts or notice any suspicious activity, you should contact us right away. To do this, there are two options.

Once you load the support page, you will see a free text message field. Address it to any customer support representative. In all likelihood, they will be able to help you out, regardless of their expertise or department, to which they belong to. It should not matter if your issue is about new free slots online or a problem, which came up during a game of roulette. We can safely assure you that all of Spinia’s staff are extremely capable and well-trained. The second option is send an email.

If you have a longer complaint or if you need to attach any additional files, this is probably a better way of getting your message across. You will find all the necessary contact details under the section, which tackles complaints.

In any case, we hope that it will never get to this stage. New slot machines online rarely make any mistakes, although we are not technical experts.

By now, you should have realized that Spinia will never put your own personal safety on the line. Taking any unnecessary risks is simply not an option. This is why we invested a lot of time and attention, in order to provide you with the most secure ways of settling your payments online.

So what are the different options available to registered users? You will probably have a bank card, which is either a VISA, MasterCard or Maestro. Normally, it should not matter what kind of credit card it is, as long as it has a CVV number at the back. Yes, we have teamed up with the leading issuers, to make sure that our platform complies with all the latest security measures. Once the payment is processed, you can expect to play the newest slots straight away.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you might also opt to pay with e-wallets. Online providers, such as Neteller or Skrill are really gaining popularity right now. You can safely deposit money from your bank account, without compromising your credit score. Many people share their bank account with a spouse or other close family members. By using an e-wallet, you do not have to answer to anyone!

This way, you can enjoy new online real money slots in total peace of mind.

What is more, this way you can keep your money separate. Know exactly how much you are spending, by making a direct transfer to your Skrill account. You see, we like to keep things easy and simple, giving you the best available options in the market today. What else have we got to say? Spinia is a customer-oriented platform, which strives for excellence.

It combines the best new casino games with a user friendly layout, complete with a whole range of options, just to make your life easier. There is really not much else to it!

Spinia.com offers an impressive range of online casino games, which include card, table and slot releases from some of the top providers, based around the world. But we know you are here for new slot machine games. They are a real hit with the online gaming community, which just keeps on coming back to our platform, time after time.

There is just something special about its new online money slots. Sure, the diversity and overall variety are some of the key factors, which just add to their popularity. Would you like to immerse yourself in a fantasy world? Or do you prefer the classic releases, which involve spinning cherries and burning reels? Whatever floats your boat, Spinia will surprise you. And give you the premium experience you are secretly looking for!

If you are not sure about spending your own, hard-earned money then go for the new free online casino slot games.

You can still enjoy the entire range of top quality releases, without having to fork out any of your cash. See if you still have it in you! Now is your chance or opportunity to test out the brand new games, responsible for all this buzz. There are no losses involved: why should you be afraid of putting a simple quick spin? Try new free slots online now.

Last but not least, we like to reward our registered players. We know that online gambling is not just about the money. But if you are after big cash prizes, then you are in for a treat! Its jackpot is on due course for millions. Its weekly challenges go into tens of thousands. And we will set you up with a hundred, right from when you start! Select one of its new slots and you will not regret it.

Just choose your currency, preferably either euros or American dollars. But if you go into the setting, there is an entire range you can choose from.

In this particular set of frequently asked questions, we tried to show you what you might expect from Spinia.com. And why you should make it your preferred platform, when playing online casino games! One thing is certain: Spinia is the place, when it comes to the newest casino slot games.

We often get questions about a strategy or tactics, which apply to best new casino games. The recommendation we give is usually fairly simple. Just take your time and feel comfortable, with the game you select. Learn how to trust your gut instinct. Follow your desires and rely on your judgement. Then you are half-way to success! With many online casino games, it is down to your luck.

In most cases, the best thing you can do is sit back and relax. Our platform has given you a secure and safe environment, to enjoy all the new casino games online. Take advantage of this fact! Make it work for yourself: see what you are good at. We recommend that you try slot games. But there is so much more: different card or table games, such as baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette.

If you are lonely and bored, you might even want to go live! The world is made for those who dare. Step out of your comfort zone and check Spinia.com right now.

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100% up to €/$100
+25 free spins

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